Décor Trends to Say Good-Bye to in 2016

The end of 2016 is approaching. What better time to cast away tired design trends and make way for fresh new ideas in the New Year? Here are a few of the trends that are on their way out…and what’s following to take their place:

See you later beige. Neutrals were definitely on trend in 2016, but as the year winds down, we’re anticipating fresher, more vibrant hues in 2017. Pastels will be used as neutrals with saturated jewel tones like amethyst and emerald taking centre stage. Still love basic beige? Don’t worry, if you blend beige with lively colours, the overall effect will still be new and exciting. Besides, if you prefer the timeless beauty of neutrals, greys and browns are still popular.

French Inspired Twisted Bed
So long to dull metallics. Awhile back, we said good bye to using just one metallic in a space and began mixing metals of all shades for a wonderfully eclectic result. This year, duller metallics are losing ground – especially brushed nickel. How to stay current? Add bright brass alongside nickel and pewter to give it a glow. Mix silver and chrome with nickel. Add copper to your kitchen to ‘wake up’ your stainless steel appliances. If you’re investing in new furniture, think vibrant metal trim.

Wooden Tiburon Table
Au revoir to a single design style. Eclectic home décor is visually interesting, welcoming and provides greater flexibility to express your personality. In 2016, many of us were still trying to ‘match’ styles – to commit exclusively to contemporary or traditional or vintage styling. No more! In 2017, antiques pair with modern; a touch of cottage with transitional, a jolt of bold with conservative. If you choose to mix styles, anchor it with similar colours and proportions.

Upholstered Padded Sofa
Bye bye to big furniture. Maybe it’s that homes are getting smaller, or maybe it’s just that a ‘less is more’ lifestyle is on trend. Either way, scaled down furnishings are on trend in 2017 with big bulky pieces making an exit. A more elegant sense of scale and proportion is on trend for a polished, slightly more formal look. (But still inviting!)

Adios to just quartz or granite. These materials are still on trend for 2017, but no longer are they the ONLY choices, whether for counter top, flooring or accessories. Marble is showing up everywhere for 2017 – in every room, every material and in every imaginable way. Hop on the marble trend and enjoy!

Welcome 2017 with fresh décor ideas and approaches. Out with the old – in with the new!

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